Larry Wheat
Katie Wheat
Katie and Larry Wheat are the co-founders of A Butterfly's Touch. A Butterfly's Touch was started in memory of their daughter who gained her wings on August 9, 2002 due to Trisomy 18. You may read Abigail's story on her site at Larry and Katie are currently stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, TX and have been married for 16 years. Larry is a Nurse Anesthetist with the US Army, and Katie stays at home and cares for and schools their children. They have a 22 year old daughter named Tara who is currently in nursing school, a 13 year old son named Jhia-Vhonnii and an 11 year old daughter, Mara Jade.
Tricia Mozzillo
Vice President
Tricia Mozzillo is a best friend, and former nursing school classmate, of Larry Wheat. She is also one of the founding members of the board of directors of A Butterfly's Touch. She is recently graduated with her Master's of Science in Nursing Anesthesia in North Carolina. She married in October of 2005, and she and her husband have a son Grady and a daughter Rowen.
Meredith Johnson
Meredith Johnson is Katie's sister. She is one of the founding members of the board of directors of A Butterfly's Touch. Meredith and her husband Kenneth lost their first child to miscarriage on January 12, 2004. Meredith and Kenneth have been married for 13 years and currently live in Washington. They now have 3 children: Andrea age 11, Veronica age 4, and Trinity age 2.
Sarah Penn
Sarah Penn
Event Coordinator
Sarah Penn, and her husband Roger, live in the Portland, Oregon area and are long-time friends of Katie and Larry Wheat. She was elected to the Board of Directors of A Butterfly's Touch in 2005. She is currently serving as the Event Coordinator and has been a great asset. Roger and Sarah have 2 children: Christopher, 15 yrs, and Jessica, 11 yrs.
Roger Penn
Webmaster/IT Support
Roger Penn has been an invaluable asset to A Butterfly's Touch. Roger officially took over website management in 2009 and currently serves as the cornerstone of IT and web support as well as editor-in-chief.