10 Best Fireplace Remote Controls Consumer Reports 2019 – Top Rated

See here the list of Top 10 best fireplace remote controls. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Skytech 1001-A Fireplace Remote Control On/Off
  • All battery operated R.F.
  • 2-button on/off transmitter
  • 65,536 security codes
Bestseller No. 2
SkyTech SKY-3301 Fireplace-remotes-and-thermostats, Blower Control, Grey
  • The battery powered R.F. transmitter and receiver give wireless remote control to a gas fireplace
  • Thermostat feature operates the fireplace whenever the room temperature swings 1 °f, 2 °f, or 3 °f a
  • Battery powered receiver with learn function, Snap-On wall plate, and 18 inch wires with connectors
Bestseller No. 3
Durablow TR1003 Gas Fire Fireplace On/Off Remote Control Kit + Thermostat and Timer (On/Off + Timer...
  • ★★ ATTENTION: This device is NOT a power supply unit. Please connect it with power source or circuit in series if using it as a switch. ▼ Durablow battery powered R.F. + LCD screen transmitter and receiver kits give wireless remote control to a gas heating appliance, such as gas fireplace. ▼ Childproof safety lock available. ▼ The temperature range is from 45℉ (7℃) to 99℉ (37℃) .
  • ▼ Thermostat feature in transmitter turns ON/OFF when room temperature changes. It also operates the fireplace with the room temperature swings 1 °F, 2 °F, or 3 °F. ▼ Timer feature operates at options of 15 minutes Min. to 9 hours Max..
  • ▼ Receiver with LEARN function, snap-on wall plate, and 18-inch wires with connectors to gas MILLIVOLT valve or electric spark ignition module. ▼ Receiver box dimension: 2.6"x2.4"x1.54". (measure your wall outlet box first)
Bestseller No. 4
Skytech 9800326 SKY-5301P Programmable Backlit Fireplace Remote Control with Thermostat, LCD Touch...
  • 3-Button Prog/Mode/Set Backlit LCD touch screen transmitter
  • Backlit LCD displays room and set temp, flame icon, and low battery indicator
  • Battery powered receiver box with learn function and On/Remote/Off slider switch
Bestseller No. 5
Skytech Smart Stat II/III Fireplace Remote Control for Heat-N-Glo
  • Original Skytech Remote. No Generics.
  • Batteries and wall holder are included
  • Fireplace Remote Control
Bestseller No. 6
Ambient On/Off Thermostat Fireplace Remote Control (RCST)
  • Battery operated fireplace remote control for millivolt gas valves
  • Remote control transmitter features simple On/Off/Auto buttons and allows for temperature control
  • Transmitter operates on (3) AAA batteries, receiver box operates on (2) AA batteries
SaleBestseller No. 7
SkyTech 9800323 SKY-3002 Control with Timer Fireplace-remotes-and-thermostats, Black
  • The battery powered R.F. transmitter and receiver give wireless remote control to a gas fireplace ,1,048,576 security codes
  • Thermostat feature operates the fireplace whenever the room temperature swings 1 °F, 2 °F, or 3 °F a
  • Battery powered receiver with learn function, snap-on wall plate, and 18 inch wires with connectors
Bestseller No. 8
Napoleon F60 Fireplace Remote Control, Thermostat Control Battery Operated w/Digital Screen
  • Battery-operated, hand-held design with an easy-to-read digital screen
  • 2 degree temperature swing reduces shorton/off cycling - if the thermostat is set to 70 degrees F, the fireplacewill turn on at 69 degrees F and off at 71 degrees F
  • Can be set to monitor theroom temperature every 60 seconds and react accordingly
Bestseller No. 9
Skytech 9800322 SKY-1410-A Fireplace Remote Control
  • 2-Button On/Off handheld transmitter remote control
  • All battery operated R.F. with 1,048,576 security codes
  • 110V AC receiver box with learn function and On/Remote/Off slider switch
Bestseller No. 10
Ambient On/Off Fireplace Remote Control (RCB)
  • Battery operated fireplace remote control for millivolt gas valves
  • Remote control transmitter features standard On & Off buttons
  • Transmitter operates on (3) AAA batteries, receiver box operates on (2) AA batteries

Electric fireplace test 2019: Comparison of the best electric fireplaces

H elcome to Reviews for electric fireplace Test 2019 . Our editors will show you all the electric fireplaces that we have examined. We have put together all the information we could get and also show you an overview of the customer reviews we have found on the net. Our goal is to make it easier for you to make a purchase decision and to help you find the most suitable electric fireplace for you .

The most frequently asked questions (FAQ) we give you in the guide area and the product the right answers . Test videos may not be missing, but unfortunately were not always available. Of course, there are other important pieces of information to help you buy the right electric fireplace.

Our Guide Area: Important questions and answers you should look out for before buying an electric fireplace

What is an electric fireplace?

A classic fireplace is wood-fueled and, by burning it, creates a cozy warmth that invites you to a cuddly get-together, especially in the living room. Unfortunately, the classic fireplace also has some disadvantages: cleaning the fireplace and disposing of the ash is often time-consuming and annoying. Likewise, the fire poses a danger.

 If you have small children in your household, you usually can not operate the chimney unattended, because there is always the risk that the children could burn themselves at the open fire. In addition, the purchase of a fireplace is very costly and time consuming. In order to ensure a withdrawal of toxic carbon monoxide mostly structural changes have to be made to the own four walls.

It is not easy for the layman to carry out these tasks and often, in addition to the initial cost of the fireplace, a specialist craftsman who carries out the construction work must also be paid. So if you want to focus on simpler solutions without sacrificing the comfort of a log fire, you are well advised to buy an electric fireplace. In principle, an electric chimney is nothing more than a classic radiant heating system in which electricity is converted into heat energy via a metal wire and released into the circulating air. The special feature of an electric fireplace is the additional visual presentation: the outer lining imitates the construction of a real fireplace and even the fire flames are deceiving real adjusted.

How does an electric fireplace work and how can you use it?

The functioning of an electric fireplace is very simple. To start up, we need nothing more than a power outlet and you’re ready to go. In addition, some electric fireplaces also have castors with which we can easily transport the fireplaces from room to room. Depending on your needs, we can use the fireplace quickly and easily even in different rooms. 

However, it should be noted that the electric fireplace should not usually be the only radiator in a room, ie the electric fireplace should not replace the heating of the room but be used as a supplement to the same. The reason for this lies in the power consumption of the electric fireplace. This is very high when the fireplace is to generate heat and is out of proportion to the usual heating costs.

How much is an electric fireplace?

Cheap electric fireplaces, which fulfill the basic functions, are already available from 40 euros. Depending on your own requirements, most models are in a price range between 150 and 500 euros. This is mainly due to the design of the outer lining, but also play the power consumption as well as the fire optics a crucial role in pricing. Some models come with comfortable additional functions such as a remote control therefore. If you love it especially exclusive, you will also find handmade variants with fine oak exterior veneers or a genuine brick wall at specialist dealers. These are then in a price range between 1000 and 7000 euros.

What advantages do you have by an electric fireplace?

The benefits of an electric fireplace are obvious: it is easy to clean and completely harmless due to the fact that it is not a real fire. The operation is simple and uncomplicated and if it is a fireplace with its own roles, we can easily transport this in another room and use there. Many fireplaces also offer the possibility to switch on the simulated flame play without necessarily switching on the heater as well. This has the advantage that we can enjoy the appearance of the flames if necessary, without having to pay high electricity costs for the heat output at the same time.

When is an electric fireplace suitable for you?

An electric fireplace should be considered especially if we want to forego the risks of an open fire in the house. In contrast to the classic fireplace, safety, comfort and easy care are the focus here. So if you do not feel like it or have no way to store firewood, or if the constant disposal of the ashes from the fireplace is too much trouble for you, then you should consider this alternative. Especially those who have small children should consider purchasing an electric fireplace for safety reasons.

What size should an electric fireplace have?

The size of the fireplace depends on the personal requirements. Compact models are already available with a height of 30 cm, but if you are looking for a visually impressive fireplace, you should look for larger models around 1 meter. The size of the electric fireplace says nothing about its actual quality. Rather, it depends on the heat output, which ideally should be at least 1500 watts.

How long does it take for an electric fireplace to ‘work’?

Since we do not need to light firewood, but only need to switch on the fireplace, the electric fireplace starts directly with the heating of the air. However, it may take a while for the warm air to spread throughout the room. So if you are looking for a possible rapid development of heat, you should also make sure that the model has an air blower that is able to blow the warm air as far as possible into the room.

How can you clean an electric fireplace?

Cleaning an electric fireplace is quite easy, unlike a traditional fireplace. The housing can be wiped with a damp cloth, taking care to switch off the device and remove it from the power to prevent it from burning on the housing.

Where can you buy an electric fireplace?

Many hardware stores, but also some furniture stores have electric fireplaces in their range. Anyone who attaches particular importance to optics is well advised to look at the models before buying in order to make the right purchase decision. In addition, specialist shops that specialize in the sale of fireplaces often have their own dedicated department for electric fireplaces. So here you can get more detailed advice from a specialist and test the differences in fire optics and heat development once on site. Otherwise, it is of course also possible to order the electric fireplace in an online mail order. 

What should you look for when buying an electric fireplace?

Depending on whether you want to have the fireplace firmly fixed in place or if you want to use it for other rooms if necessary, you should check whether it is a mobile device with rollers. Furthermore, you should make sure that the flames are displayed as realistic as possible and you do not notice the simulation of the fire directly. Furthermore, the thermal output is crucial for the evaluation of the model. On the one hand, this can be determined by the specified wattage, which should be at least 1500.

 On the other hand, you should make sure that the electric fireplace with the help of an air blower is able to distribute the heat far enough into the room. When choosing the right design, of course, your taste preferences play a role. Also on the volume one should throw with the purchase an eye, there some models when blowing out the air produce a noise, which can be felt under certain circumstances as annoying.

What are the alternatives to the electric fireplace and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

In addition to the electric fireplace, there is still the possibility to purchase a so-called ethanol fireplace. The advantage is that here a real fire is produced, but that does not produce carbon monoxide and therefore does not have to be routed out of the apartment via its own chimney. However, this kind of fireplace is also an open fire: although the gases produced are not poisonous, you can still burn yourself by the flames and clothing can ignite. So if you value security or have small children in the household, is probably better advised with an electric fireplace.

Make your purchase decision: Which of the introduced electric fireplaces fits you best?

Differences of the fireplaces in the heat output and the representation of the flames we have already highlighted. In addition, the fireplaces also differ in the number of heating stages. Most models have only 2 heating levels, while others come with 3 or 4 heating levels. Depending on how exactly we want to control the heat development, it makes sense to look for a model with more heating levels. Those who value special comfort also have the opportunity to purchase models with their own remote control. So the fireplace can be operated relaxed from the sofa without having to get up constantly.

What distinguishes an electric fireplace and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

We have already explained many advantages of an electric fireplace. In addition to the ease of use, the high level of security, the low acquisition costs are an unbeatable selling point for many. The biggest disadvantage of an electric fireplace, however, is the high electricity costs, which can shoot up very quickly with regular heating. On average, we pay between 20 and 50 cents per hour for the operation of an electric fireplace with forced ventilation. Therefore, an electric fireplace can not really be used for daily heating of the apartment. It should therefore be used as a supplement to the existing heating and not replace it.

What are the purchase criteria and how can you compare the individual electric fireplaces?


In terms of weight, the different models decide considerably from each other. For example, compact versions weigh only five kilograms, while more massive models weigh 50 kilograms or more. The choice of the right model depends mainly on the type of use. If the fireplace is to be mobile and used in several rooms, you should choose a lighter model under 30 kg, which can be pushed into the next room with the help of rollers. On the other hand, if the chimney is to be permanently installed in one place, models with a larger weight do not present a problem.


Regarding the material we find electric fireplaces in very different designs. In the selection decides especially the own taste. Should this be high-quality executions made of cast steel, chrome or glass, or is simple wood imitation sufficient to achieve the desired effect in the home? If you are looking for a special design, you will also find electric fireplaces with fine exterior cladding made of hardwood or stone.


The cleaning of the fireplaces is quite simple, and in that the different models do not differ from each other. The cleaning of the switched-off device is quick and easy with the help of a damp cloth. If the model is an electric chimney with glass cover, cleaning should be done additionally with a glass cleaner.