Top 6 Best Garment Steamers Consumer Reports & Reviews 2021

Garment steamers or in other words, cloth steamers are multi-purpose appliances.  They remove wrinkles from clothes efficiently and swiftly. That’s why; people consider them the best alternative to iron. Ironing becomes difficult for people living in a small apartment where they can’t find much space for an iron board. So, a garment steamer is a versatile appliance and works great on any type of garment.

Garment steamers are easy to use and lightweight to carry anywhere. It de-wrinkles clothes that are difficult to iron. Moreover, it can also remove germs and unbearable smells from clothes.

Buying Guide

While buying a garment steamer, there are some important factors to consider. You can’t follow the trend blindly. See the guide here to know what to see while purchasing a suitable garment steamer.


The first thing to know is the purpose to buy it. If you want to get it for a single person’s wardrobe, you can select a compact-sized gadget. However, for a family of 4 people or more, you need a full size sturdier garment steamer. If you want to use it on curtains and draperies, you need a bigger sized steamer to store a large quantity of water.


Check how much wattage it consumes. If it consumes high watts, it means it produces more powerful steam. So, low temperature is insufficient for a high watt steamer.


Check the heating up time and the steam power before buying it. If it takes only 30 seconds to 1 minute, it consumes less energy. If any model takes a longer time to warm up, it’s only a time waste and high consumption of energy.

Water Capacity

Check how much capacity the water tank has. It should not be too small for frequent refilling while steaming curtains etc.


Price is, of course, another important factor to consider while selecting a suitable garment steamer. Check the price before selecting a gadget. It should be according to your budget.

Best Garment Steamers

1. Conair Travel Smart by 450 Watt Dual Voltage Garment Steamer – Best for Home Use

Conair fabric steamer

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Size: Compact

Watt: 450 (Dual Voltage)

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Best For: Home use

This dual voltage compact-sized steamer can be used on all types of fabric like drapes, curtains, suits, and dress shirts. You can even use it on bedsheets to remove bedbugs and dust mites. It comes with an 8 ft cord and removable bristle & lint brush. This lightweight gadget is perfect to carry with you while traveling.

It warms up quickly within 30 seconds. You can use it to get wrinkle-free and odorless garments.

Our Opinion:

This small gadget works effectively. It works on dual voltage i.e. 450 and 250. You can use it on all types of fabrics like woolen, cotton, satin, and others. You can use this garment steamer, not for ironing clothes, but also to get rid of bedbugs and dust mites. It’s lightweight and comes with a limited time warranty.

2. Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Professional Grade, Clothes Garment Steamer – Best for Suits

Rowenta fabric steamer

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Watt: 1550

Water tank capacity: 2.4 liters

Best For: Suits

It comes with a spacious water tank capacity i.e. 2.4 liters. The heating-up time is approximately 60 seconds whereas; it has a quick steaming output with 30 g/min of steam. The Roll and Press vertical support and built-in hanger & clips make it easy to use in your desired way. You can adjust the height according to the dress length. The removable water tank is easy to refill after continuous steam for one hour. The built-in hanger & clips make it easier to hold your clothes in place. Fabric brush is also included to make your fabric wrinkle-free. It comes with a solid lint pad to get rid of hair, lint and other objects found the clothes. Steam doesn’t leave water stains on your clothes.

Our Opinion:

It’s good for all full-length suits and long party dresses. The heating system works quickly and effectively. It takes no time in heating up and in producing steam. You can use it in vertical and horizontal positions according to your convenience. The water tank is removable and easy-to-refill. You can use any water even the tap water in it. All steaming accessories are included in it. You can use it on full-sized bed sheets and blankets to remove odor and bugs.

3. Epica High-Power Handheld Fabric Steamer – Best for Delicate Clothes

Epica fabric steamer

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Size: Compact

Watt: 850

Weight: 12 oz

Best For: Delicate/Sensitive Clothes

Epica fabric steamer gets all crinkles and creases instantly. This powerful gadget works at 850 wattages and gets hotter fast. It’s perfect for cashmere, silk, woolen and other delicate clothes. It’s only 12 oz. Epica has designed it particularly for sensitive fabric, super-fancy dress shirts, bridesmaid dress. It comes with the five-hole flow to reduce the leakage and keep the steam smooth and even to conquer creases and crinkles in no time. The compact size is best for travelers. The product has a 3-year warranty and a lifetime free customer service. The company also offers a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with Epica’s performance.

Our Opinion:

It’s suitable for steaming sensitive clothes like chiffon, silk, velvet, and cashmere. You can carry this lightweight garment steamer while going anywhere. The special product has a 5-hole flow to enhance its effectiveness. Due to high wattage, it gets hotter in no time and starts producing steam within a few minutes.

4. Bizond Steamer for Clothes Mini – Portable – Best for Travel

Bizond fabric steamer

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Size: Compact

Watt: 900

Weight: 1.26 lbs

Best For: Traveling

Bizond offers this powerful fabric steamer in a compact size and that’s suitable for travelers. This home garment steamer can be used on curtains, garments and on bedsheets. It works at all angles without leaking or spitting water. This quick steamer heats up within 25 seconds and starts producing steam within a couple of minutes. You can replace your iron with this powerful gadget that weighs only 1.26 lbs. Bizond fabric steamer comes with a 100% risk-free warranty for 3 years.

Our Opinion:

This super-mini and a lightweight steamer can be used in all angles even with upside down. There is no leakage or spitting of water. It occupies little space. So, you can carry this easy-to-use fabric steamer while traveling. It makes your clothes odor-free and wrinkles-free in no time. The steamer doesn’t leave water-spots and marks on your clothes.

5. PurSteam Full-Size Steamer for Clothes, Garments, Fabric – Best for Wedding Dresses

PurSteam fabric steamer

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Size: Full-Size Steamer

Watt: 1200

Weight: 2.2 lbs

Best For: Wedding Dresses/Partyware

It’s the faster and effective alternative of iron when you want to make your formal dresses wrinkle-free.

This powerful steamer comes with 4 levels of steam. You can adjust steaming for mild and extreme levels. At an extreme level, it produces 30% more flow to make your fabric creaseless and wrinkle-free within no time. This full-length fabric steamer comes with a full money-back guarantee and world-class customer service. It has all ironing accessories like hanger and brush. It’s a lightweight gadget and works quickly to deliver the best performance.

Our Opinion:

This full-length fabric steamer is very powerful. It delivers quickest and effective results within no time. The water tank can contain 2.24 liters of water. You can use any water even tap water for it. At such a low price, it shows a far better performance than its rivals. You can use it to make your bridal dress and partyware wrinkle-free and odorless.

6. J-2000M Jiffy Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head – Best for Drapes/Curtains

J-2000M fabric steamer

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Size: full length

Watt: 1300

Weight: 16.8 lbs

Best For: Drapes/Curtains, Full-length bed sheets

This full-length fabric steamer comes with 2.84 liters of water capacity. With one filling, you can steam up to 1.50 hours. It heats up within a couple of minutes and produces steam within six minutes. The high-quality plastic body doesn’t heat up from the exterior. You can use it on full-length curtains, drapes and bedsheets to make them odor-less and creaseless. It’s purely made in the USA and comes with an automatic shut off.

Our Opinion:

It’s a full length heavier fabric steamer that has good water holding capacity. With one filling, you can steam around 1.5 hours at moderate temperatures. It has different heating intensity levels. Get your large drapes and curtains wrinkle-free by using this highly effective and powerful fabric steamer. It works on all kinds of fabric like woolen, cotton, and silk, etc.

Consumer Reports & Reviews on Conair Travel Smart by 450 Watt Dual Voltage Garment Steamer

Ronald Witman: This powerful cloth steamer works effectively on all kinds of garments. It’s the quickest alternative of iron. It’s easy for me to carry it with me anywhere while moving.

James Dean: I love this fabric steamer. It makes my garments wrinkle-free and odorless in no time. The water tank is spacious to hold around 2.30 liters of water. You can steam a shirt within a few minutes.

Debra Burns: This amazing product won my favor instantly once I used it for the very first time. It’s in a compact size and good for travelers. I can steam my all types of clothes with it.

Alexander Bouchard: It’s the best and quickest alternative of iron. You can use this lightweight product on any clothing to make it odorless and creaseless.

Bernadette Fulton: I bought it five years ago and still it is working great. I can’t imagine going on a trip without carrying it. I just love it.

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