See here the list of Top 10 best pencil sharpener. Read the buying guide and other important factors before making a selection for you or any of your dear ones

SaleBestseller No. 1
X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener, Blue, 1 Count
  • Heavy duty electric pencil sharpener designed specifically for classrooms
  • Durable construction stands up to wear and tear
  • Quiet electric motor provides reliable power with minimal disruption; No electrical draw when not in use
Bestseller No. 2
PowerMe Electric Pencil Sharpener - Battery Operated, for Home, Office, School, Artist, Students -...
  • THE PERFECT CHOICE! Whether you are an artist, teacher, student, or business man, the Power Me pencil sharpener is the best choice for you, the combination between the beautiful design and the high-quality materials make it perfect for commercial use, classroom, executive use, desktop or office atmosphere. Table Mount Vertical space saving design fits comfortably on any size desk.
  • TO LAST Crafted from high-quality materials The Power Me electric pencil sharpener gives you up to 3000 times of sharpening without wearing out, with The Heavy Duty, ultra-durable high- grade stainless steel helical blade it takes only 3 seconds to sharpen. Never replace a dull blade again! By being Compact and lightweight, you can take it where ever you need to.
  • SAFETY FOR YOUR KIDS! - Our innovative, auto-stop safety feature prevents this pencil sharpener from being used if the lid is removed. That means no risk for your fingers, which makes it an ideal choice for classrooms with your young kids. The Large transparent Shavings Reservoir Rarely needs emptying and can be cleaned easily, simply remove the shavings tray, and empty it into a wastebasket.
SaleBestseller No. 3
AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy Duty, Classroom Pencil Sharpener for 6.5-8mm No.2/Colored...
  • 【Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener】 This heavy duty electric pencil sharpener is a must for teachers or anyone who has a heavy use on pencil sharpeners. Powerful enough to sharpen your No. 2 pencils or colored pencils to a perfect and durable point in only 3-5 seconds with ease. Professional automatic pencil sharpener with heavy duty helical blade can sharpen over 6000 times. Please don't push the pencil too hard when sharpening, or it will make "hum" noise and not sharpen pencils.
  • 【UL Listed Electric Pencil Sharpener】Our classroom pencil sharpener is UL listed and has no issues after sharpening 200 pencils at a time. It is faster, more durable and powerful than any other helical blade sharpeners due to its bigger and stronger helical blade and motor. Perfect Christmas gift for kids, teachers, students, engineers, children, artists, and anyone who needs a heavy duty pencil sharpener!
  • 【Colored Pencil Sharpener】 This professional pencil sharpener will start sharpening automatically when you insert a pencil. Take out the pencil when the motor sound changes and the resistance of sharpening decreases. Great for graphite and colored pencils. Please note that it is not recommended to sharpen sketch pencils or soft carbon pencils as it may cause jams in blade.
Bestseller No. 4
Electric Pencil Sharpener, Heavy duty Helical Blade to Fast Sharpen, Auto Stop for No.2/Colored...
  • ✅【Auto Start & Pencil Saving】: This electric pencil sharpener will start working automatically when you insert a pencil and apply a little pressure. It will stop automatically when finished.No more wasting of pencils. Moreover, if your pencil get stuck ,just press the button at the bottom,The broken leads will be excluded automatically.(Warm tip:Please grip the pencil tightly when you insert a pencil)
  • ✅【3 Pencil Nib Options 】:There are 3 sharpness options available: Blunt, Medium, Sharp. Just adjust the side slide switch to choose the point you want.Fit for sharpening NO. 2/Colored Pencils /charcoal pencils (6-8mm).Fast sharpen in only 3-5 seconds with strong and durable helical blade.
  • ✅【Safety & Easy to Clean 】: The pencil sharpener can not be operated unless the shaving box is fully in place. And the SAFE LOCK prevents your kids from hurting their fingers. All shavings will be caught in the shaving box, Open the shavings box to dispose of the scraps as easily as putting out the trash.
Bestseller No. 5
X-ACTO Electric Pencil Sharpener | Teacher Pro Pencil Sharpener for Classrooms, Quiet Electric...
  • Heavy duty electric pencil sharpener designed specifically for classrooms
  • Durable construction stands up to wear and tear
  • Quiet electric motor provides reliable power with minimal disruption
SaleBestseller No. 6
STAEDTLER pencil sharpener, premium quality sharpener with screw-on lid, prevents accidental...
  • Premium quality sharpener ensures you never have a "dull" moment in the office, at school, or around the house!
  • Metal sharpener with secure screw-on lid prevents accidental opening
  • Assorted colors adds a fun surprise to every order
Bestseller No. 7
Officeline Electric Pencil Sharpener - for School and Classroom, Helical Steel Blade Sharpens All...
  • SUPER SAFE AUTO-STOP BLADE OPERATION: Sharpen with confidence! When the pencil is sharpened, the blade stops automatically. If the shavings tray is opened during sharpening, the blade stops instantly to protect fingers, large and small. Officeline is proud to offer the very best pencil sharpener in the portable pencil sharpener category
  • BATTERY OPERATED AND HIGHLY PORTABLE: Four AA batteries power this premium compact pencil sharpener. Slip it in your bag and take it everywhere. This battery-operated pencil sharpener is great for artists on the go who often need a colored pencil sharpener. This one can handle all but the softest of colored pencil leads.
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL HELICAL BLADE: This razor sharp blade is much more durable than standard pencil sharpener blades. Sharpen one pencil after another and get a uniform fine point every time. The Officeline is the very best electric pencil sharpener for putting a perfect point on most pencils, including colored pencils with hard leads, golf pencils and drafting pencils.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Mr. Pen- Pencil Sharpener, Sharpener for Pencils, Pack of 6, Pencil Sharpener Manual, 2 Holes,...
  • 6 High Quality Metal Sharpener In Assorted Color Container With Screw-On Lid
  • Convenient 2-Hole Pencil Sharpener, For Sharpening Standard And Jumbo Pencils
  • Premium Sharpened Steel Gently Sharpens Pencils, Crayons, Bible Highlighters, Etc
Bestseller No. 9
CARL Angel-5 Pencil Sharpener, Blue
  • Smooth manual operation pencil sharpener. Quiet and Classroom Friendly.
  • CARL'S Angel 5 mechanism automatically draws pencil into the cutting chamber, producing a pefect point. Once the pencil is sharp, the CARL Angel 5 unique design will not allow the pencil to over sharpen.
  • Manufactured with double steel thickness along with a life long lasting Aluminum Die Cast Internal Gear Mechanism.
Bestseller No. 10
Small and Portable Electric Pencil Sharpener for NO.2 Pencils, Auto Feature, and USB Cable Pencil...
  • 【Small Size and Portable】 The sharpener is small and lightweight, easy to carry, an ideal choice for students, engineers, fashion designers, and architects. Perfect for using at home, classroom and office.
  • 【USB Powered or Batteries】 The electronic pencil sharpener can be operated by a USB cable(included) or 2×AA batteries(not included), use the pencil sharpener by connecting with a laptop, pc, or 5V 1000mA adapter.
  • Safe and Easy to Use】 The pencil sharpener is designed with an anti-slip silicone base and a safety lock to protect the kids from hurting their fingers when using alone. The Electric Pencil Sharpener start working when pressing down the pencil and will auto stop working at a perfect point.

Spitzer – Purchase Advisor

Neither in the local desk drawer, in the office, nor in the case for the school may be missing a good sharpener. The market offers a variety of models and there is something suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, the wide range of offers can lead to confusion, which is why we have put together a Top 5 in the category “Best sharpener 2019” and give you a purchase advice below. First of all we take a look at the many different types of sharpeners and then illuminate the most important properties. To decide which model can be the best sharpener for your personal needs, of course, the price-performance ratio must be considered.

Types of sharpeners

For the classics among the pens, the colored pencils and pencils, there is a large selection of sharpeners. Depending on what kind of sharpener you need, we have one or the other recommendation. Whether triangular pencil, wide or narrow colored pencil, hard or soft “lead” or other type of painting device to the tips, the market has a solution for everything.

In addition to the classic, which is intended for the common pen sizes, there are many other variants. A traditional sharpener should above all be precise and easy to use. Many manufacturers simply focus on ensuring that your devices meet these two criteria and that there are no quality issues.

In addition, there are particularly clever models that work automatically. You only need to push the pin into the opening provided and press lightly, then the automatic will be triggered. Of course, these parts are equipped with reliable child safety, so that no one injured. So you can use the automatic sharpener also for the whole family and you do not have to worry as a parent if you paint and write unattended.

Double sharpeners are also very popular with both children and adults. These models are ideal if you often use different pens and do not always have the right sharpener. Although the pen should have a medium size, it can be sharpened in the larger hole – although this is not always quite straight, but with a little flair it is quite possible.

When you’re on the go, the sharpeners with practical collection containers are also a good choice. If you have to travel a lot or just have to constantly commute from A to B in everyday life and always carry the most important things with you, then such a sharpener is the right one for you. Even at school, the integrated container fulfills its purpose very well, as the children do not have to stand up during the lesson.


In comparison, we found a number of different criteria to be particularly important and want to provide you with a concise overview here:

Texture of the knife

Nothing is more frustrating than a sharpener that does not tip well. When buying, pay attention to the quality of the knife, so you will be spared this negative aspect. Many manufacturers attach great importance to the careful manufacture of the knives, which means that they should be good materials that will not dull quickly. In addition, the latter should be stainless nature. Also spiral blades are praised in the highest tones, since they are to be very resistant and efficient.


Many of the sharpeners in the test have a standard size and are easy to store in both the pen case and the desk drawer. Especially chic parts, which also serve as an eye-catcher, may sometimes be slightly larger and then decorate the desk at home or in the office. For children or adults, there are also smaller sharpeners, which are intended for those who travel a lot.


With the automatic sharpeners, as mentioned above, parental control is indispensable. Especially with the double sharpeners, where one hole is larger than the other and the small child fingers fit perfectly, you should pay attention to the integrated lock that locks the knife before it can do any damage.


In order to properly care for the sharpeners and to enjoy them for a long time, the correct cleaning must not be forgotten. Wood and mine remains constantly accumulate in the smallest corners; To make cleaning easier, some models come with small brushes that get into each groove.


In addition to the cleaning instruments, the smart collection containers are also part of a good set-up. Since these are removable, any sharpener can be used without the container.


The design knows no bounds in the world of Spitzer – everything from simple black parts with noble-looking details to colorful children’s top pieces to classic models made of stainless steel or wood – everything you can imagine under a sharpener.


Another detail that we should mention is that some automatic models can only be powered by batteries, which of course costs money! Make sure that a USB option is available. If you are at home, the sharpener can then be operated much cheaper with its own electricity. In principle, an automatic model but not a favorable sharpener because of the consequential costs. In the price comparison this should definitely be considered.