Top 5 best sewing machines for home use and beginners

Top 5 Best Sewing Machines Consumer Reports & Reviews 2021

Everyone loves the art of creation and unique styles in fashion. If you love creating your own unique and amazing cloth designs, you definitely need the needle power. Well, being a beginner, you don’t know exactly what to select and how to select. For your convenience, I am presenting here the top models of sewing machines on my list. Check the features of each sewing machine and select according to your budget and needs.

Buying Guide

As far as the question “How to select” is concerned, I am listing some important buying tips here. Selecting a sewing machine is an important matter. It’s not like you are buying an ordinary thing. You want to buy a machine that could transform your ideal designs into reality. So, choose a suitable sewing machine carefully. Check to buy tips below and make a good selection.


It’s the foremost point to consider while purchasing a sewing machine. There are different types in it and the price also varies for each type. The types are as under:

Mechanical: Currently, these sewing machines are getting extinct because you operate it by hand. It takes lots of time sewing. It’s the simplest type and comes with easy functions. If you are a beginner, you can select it for light to medium weight fabrics.

Electronic: These are the best alternative for mechanical sewing machines. You will find them simple too. But it runs with a foot pedal and works faster. So, both of your hands remain free for better functioning.

Computerized: These are the most powerful sewing machines with the latest features. A computerized sewing machine has a touchscreen LCD to operate and control the sewing process easily. It’s a bit costly and only professionals can operate it.

Serger: Serger is more complicated and only for expert users. It is known as an overlocking machine. Most of the tailors use this machine to give a final touch to the cloth. It works on the basis of a 5-threaded overlock stitch.


Select an easily movable sewing machine. It should be lightweight to carry with you for taking lessons.


Price is a very important factor of course. It increases with the model and features. If you select a computerized sewing machine, it’s pricier than mechanical and electronic machines.


Check features and make sure that it can sew all types of fabrics. Furthermore, if it can be used for embroidery and pekoe, it’s an additional feast for you.

Best Sewing Machines

1. Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine – For Beginners

Brother Computerized sewing machine for beginners buy from amazon

Type: Computerized

Features: Sewing/quilting

Speed: 850 stitches/min

Best for: Beginners

 This computerized sewing machine can also be used for quilting. You can select your desired stitch from the stitch selector switch. It comes with an automatic needle threader for your convenience and uninterrupted sewing. The gadget is easy-to-use for beginners. You can select your desired stitch speed for easy control in the beginning. the built-in free-arm allows you to sew cylindrical patterns like pant-legs and sleeves. The high-speed motor delivers the maximum sewing speed i.e. 850 stitches/minute. Nine presser feet including buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, button fitting and a blindstitch, etc. make quilting an easier task.

Our Opinion:

It’s indeed a gift from heaven for beginners. The simpler mechanism makes it easier to use. You can sew cylindrical patterns with great comfort within no time. It has 850 stitches/minute speed that saves lots of time. You can do even large quilting by using the built-in nine presser feet in it.

2. SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine – For Home Use

Singer computerized machine

buy from amazon

Type: Computerized

Features: Sewing

Speed: 600 Stitches/min

Best for: Home use

This compact-sized sewing machine is easily portable. It comes with 600 stitches/minute sewing speed. Stitch selector ensures the selection of stitch including lots of decorative stitches. You can use it for quilting besides sewing. Needle threading is an automatic process and it’s super easy for beginners. The dimensions 18x 10 x 13 inches makes it a compact gadget to fit into a smaller cabin.

Our Opinion:

Singer presents this compact-sized sewing and quilting machine with a powerful motor. It delivers around 600 stitches/minute to save your time. This computerized gadget comes with a wide range of fashion stitches, decorative and basic stitches. You can also use it for all kinds of quilting.

3. Janome Heavy Duty Sewing Machine – For Leather

Janome sewing machine for Leather

buy from amazon

Type: Computerized

Stitch: 18 Types

Weight: 23 pounds

Best for: Leather

HD-3000 Janome Heavy Duty sewing machine has been particularly designed for leather stitching. The built-in needle threader put the thread into the needle’s eye without interrupting the sewing process. It’s a mechanical sewing machine with light in front. The built-in free-arm ensures shaping the cylindrical patterns within no time. The machine has an automatic Bobbin Winding. The thread tension adjustment and reverse stitching make your art of creation easier. A durable casing is also included in the package.

Our Opinion:

It’s a great sewing gadget for leather. You can use it in on all kinds of leather due to a suitable stitch i.e. 6.5mm W x 4mm L. The compact size of the sewing machine ensures easy portability. It has an automatic Bobbing Winding. However, needle threading is manual. You can choose a stitch among 18 stitches.

4. SINGER P-1250 Professional Flat Bed 1250 Stitches Per Minute Sewing Machine – For Denim

Singer P-1250 for Denim

buy from amazon

Type: Computerized

Speed: 1250 stitches/min

Best for: Denim

 Power Use: 110 Volts

The stainless steel skeleton and interior heavy-duty metal frame makes it durable for years. The powerful motor delivers around 1250 stitches per minute. You can select between 6 utility stitches and 3 needle positions for durable stitching. It comes with a top drop-in bobbin system. You will find 7 presser feet, needle plate, seam guide and finger guard with the package. This compact sewing machine uses only 110 volts.

Our Opinion:

This compact sewing machine is fully automatic. You can use it on all types of denim and even for heavy quilting. It has a variety of utility stitches and consumes less power. The powerful motor delivers 1250 stitches/minute on denim to save time.

5. JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine – For Heavy Fabrics

Juki TL-2000Qi for heavy fabrics

buy from amazon

Type: Computerized

Speed:1500 stitches/min

Weight: 30 lbs

Best for: Heavy Fabrics

 Now you can be more innovative while designing and stitching with this compact sewing machine. It works for all kinds of fabric particularly for heavy and thick fabric. The powerful motor delivers 1500 stitches per minute on quilting and home decor. Every stitch is a maximum 6mm long for a stronger grip. The automatic needle threader ensures quicker threading without interrupting the sewing process. A wide range of stitch choices is available for you. The aluminum die-cast arm and base ensure still and silent sewing. It also contains an extension table for a wider work area.

Our Opinion:

It has a good stitch speed to make your work faster. You can select it to sew heavy and thick fabric. It has an LED light to work comfortably in dim light. It has a variety of stitches to choose from for more innovative work. A pedal operation is also included for your ease. It delivers maximum sewing speed even on a piece of thick fabric.

Consumer Reports and Reviews for Brother Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Charles Mays: I sincerely heart this computerized machine. I have been using it for 3 years and still, it’s working great and I stitch my clothes, bags, and other home decor items.

Kathryn Lucio: It’s an amazing small sewing gadget that works fine on all kinds of fabrics. It delivers maximum stitching speed and saves time.

Nancy Dunbar: I love this compact sewing machine. The automatic needle thread system creates no stress on my eyes. It delivers maximum stitching speed on all types of fabric.

Rebecca Sheets: It’s my third Brother machine and overall it delivers excellent performance. I am happy with the product.

Andrea Clark: The machine is quiet and comes with automatic threading and winding the bobbin. I love the automatic adjustable speed control.

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