Best weighted blankets for all seasons

Top 5 Best Weighted Blankets Consumer Reports & Reviews 2021

Weighted blankets are not as light as are comforters and quilts. Their weight ranges between 5-30 pounds due to the plastic pellet or glass beads filling. They bring better and peaceful sleep.

Weighted blankets are known for Deep touch Pressure Stimulation (DPS). While using them we feel a mild pressure on us that relaxes our nervous system. The DPS therapy activates our Parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and accelerates the release of dopamine and serotonin. The sympathetic nervous system gets relaxed. Resultantly, it decreases the level of stress hormones. It also improves your digestive system and your body feels good after a sleeping period.

Buying Guide

The selection of a right weighted blanket is not an uphill task. You can consider a few important things to make the right choice. Here, I am going to explain a few rules you should follow to select a perfect weighted blanket for you. Check the guide below.

Accurate Weight

Since the weight varies from 5 to 30 pounds, you should select the right weight. If your weight is around 150 pounds, select a 15 pounds blanket for you. In the same way, if your weight is around 200 pounds, select a 20-pound blanket. Follow the same rule for kids.


Weighted blankets are filled with plastic poly pellets or glass beads. Glass beads are like the grains of sand and heavier than plastic pellets. So, a blanket with glass beads is thinner. Plastic pellets are bigger round balls and fill more space in the blanket. So, it may be more fluffy and thicker.

Currently, some weighted blankets come with polyester fiberfill to add warmth to it. If you want to use it in winter, polyester fiberfill will be perfect for you.

Upper Cover

It’s always difficult to wash a weighted blanket. So, make sure that it has a removable outer cover. If your blanket gets stains or pet fur, you can at least wash the outer cover easily. Moreover, check the outer cover material before you select a weighted blanket. If you are looking for a blanket for winter, select a soft Minky fabric otherwise; cotton cover is perfect. It’s breathable and cooler.


Check the dimensions of a weighted blanket before buying it. It should cover your body from neck to toes. Make sure that your blanket doesn’t hang over the bedsides because it can slide off the bed at night. Mostly, people prefer a twin-size weighted blanket to use on a queen bed.

Best Weighted Blankets

1. YnM Weighted Blanket for Couple, 25 lbs 80”x87” King Size – Best for Couples

YnM weighted blanket

buy from amazon

Dimensions: 80 x 87 inches

Upper Cover: Cotton

Weight: 25 lbs

Best for: Couples

The outer cover is made of premium cotton duvet that’s suitable for all seasons and easy-to-wash. It weighs 25 lbs and perfect for a couple due to the king’s size dimensions. This 7-layers weighted blanket produces sound and deep sleep. A weighted layer of cool and natural bamboo adds more cooling effects to your sleep during the summer. In the same way, a breathable Minky inner layer adds more comfort to your sleep during the winter.

The gentle massage creates soothing effects on your nerve system and it works in a better way.

The blanket contains 4.7 x 4.7 inches smaller compartments that have been filled with glass beads. Due to the three-dimensional lock sewing method, there is no chance of bead leakage.

Our Opinion:

This breathable all-season weighted blanket is perfect for a couple. If your weight is quite different from your partner, use a weighted blanket separately. It’s filled with glass marbles and thinner than other quilts. You can easily wash it. In the starting days, you feel it quite heavier. It takes you 5-7 days to feel comfortable with a weighted blanket. The outer cover is washable and made of premium cotton.

2. Mosaic Weighted Blankets Purple Minky Twin – Best for Kids

Mosaic weighted blanket for kids

buy from amazonUpper Cover: Cotton

Weight: 15 lbs

Best for: Kids

This weighted blanket is shaped in quilted squares that are filled with plastic poly pellets and a bit of polyester fiberfill. The filling helps to distribute weight evenly. It’s purely made in the USA.

The Mosaic weighted blanket is perfect for all seasons due to its breathable fabric. The upper cover is made of pure cotton and easily washable. It’s durable for years. Although it’s for kids, a teenager can also use it.

Our Opinion:

Mosaic weighted blanket has been designed particularly to lessen your stress and anxiety. It releases gentle pressure on your body to make you feel more relaxed and peaceful. Deep pressure during sleep helps to feel them secure and light.

3. Dozeology Cooling Weighted Blanket Premium – Best for Adults

Dozeology weighted blanket for summer

buy from amazon Dimensions: 60 x 80 inches

Upper Cover: Cotton

Weight: 16 lbs

Best for: Adults

This weighted blanket is made of 100% cotton made in the USA. The cover has 60 inches ultra-wide opening and it’s easily washable if it gets stains. The premium-grade blanket has been particularly designed for adults to bring a cozy, warm and peaceful sleep in winter and cool sleep in the summer season. The inside filling is made of beads. Many weighted blankets have beads leaking issues. The innovative sewing technology used it ensures the stability and durability of the product. So, maintenance becomes easier for you. It’s perfect for adults due to the standard size i.e. 60 x 80 inches.

Our Opinion:

It’s a natural therapeutic tool to get a peaceful sleep. This weighted blanket helps you fall asleep fast and better. It weighs 15 lbs and the glass beads inside put gentle and warm pressure on your body evenly to give a mild massage. It’s the leak-free and odorless blanket and you can use it for years.

4. ZonLi King Size Weighted Blanket 30lbs – Best for Teenagers

ZonLi weighted blanket

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Dimensions: 80 x 87 inches

Upper Cover: Cotton

Weight: 30 lbs

Best for: Teenagers

ZonLi offers this premium quality weighted blanket to give you a better and peaceful sleep. It’s perfect for a teenager and for an adult too. The outer cover is made of 100% cotton that’s easily washable and perfect for all seasons.

There is a dual-layer microfiber to the uppermost part. Inside the blanket is filled with smaller glass beads in tiny squares. Due to the high-density sewing technology, there is a 0% chance of beads leakage. The glass beads distribute 30 lbs weight evenly to put a gentle pressure on your nerves to make you fall asleep faster. The microfibers inside the blanket produce sufficient warmth to keep you at a perfect temperature.

Our Opinion:

This product is perfect for a person having 300 lbs of weight. The upper cover is made of cotton and removable for washing at home. You can choose between comfortable cotton, cooling bamboo or warm Minky. ZonLi gives a 3-month guarantee and life-time free customer service for it. There is no chance of leakage of glass beads.

5. GnO Weighted Blanket With Removable Bamboo Duvet Cover – For Hot Sleepers

GnO weighted blanket for all seasons

buy from amazon

Dimensions: 60 x 80 inches

Upper Cover: Removable, Cotton

Weight: 20 lbs

Best for: Best for Hot Sleepers

This odorless weighted blanket comes with 100% organic cotton cover. The cover is removable and easily washable at home. This 5-layer weighted blanket delivers a comfortable and peaceful sleep. You can choose between Minky fleece fabric, bamboo cover and cotton duvet cover. The ultra-durable blanket comes with high-density sewing to avoid beads leakage.

Our Opinion:

This weighted blanket is perfect for hot sleepers. It weighs 20 lbs and glass beads inside the blanket layers distribute the weight evenly. It’s perfect to fall asleep and refresh your nerves during a sleep session. This odorless and leak-free blanket comes in different covers for all seasons.

Consumer Reports and Reviews on YnM Weighted Blanket

William Dion: I love this blanket. My average sleeping hours were 4.5 hours per night due to backache. My first night with this blanket was just amazing. I slept for more than 7 hours.

Charles Porter: It’s so comfortable and comforting. I recommended it to everyone.

Mary Kemp: Well, 30 lbs aren’t too heavy for me but it makes me warmer. So, it’s great for winter. The outer cover is a breathable and weighted blanket that delivers light massage to my nerves.

Wm Jones: I love this weighted blanket, but it’s too hot in the summer. You can use it in the winter because it creates a sufficiently cozy environment for the body.

Leonor Brady: This weighted blanket is super soft. The glass beads don’t make a noise and the quality of the product is excellent. Undoubtedly, it’s a lovely blanket.

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